My projects are all in something that I thought was interesting and extended to something more. Each project has a unique story and part that it brings to my profile.

Analyzing Color Imaging Failure on Consumer Grade Cameras

My masters thesis on color correction for smartphones.


An app to exchange social media and contact info within seconds using a QR Code.


My research at UCCS for the past 2 years working on using polarizers in new ways to get information.

Political Ideology Detection

A program that can detect political sentiment in any text. Currently working on accuracy of the classifier.

Autonmous RC Car

A car that can navigate between GPS coordinates with no human intervention.

Network Security Report Generation

A statistics engine that can report network statistics given a Nessus scan file.

First Robotics Competition

Programming robots and creating autonomous programs using cameras and other sensors.


Building, reconstructing, and flying various drones.