Polarization Project

I have been working with polarizers and learning how to create new information using polarization cameras for the past 2 years in the Vision and Security Technology (VAST) lab at University of Colorado Colorado Springs(UCCS). Polarizers allow us to capture different information about scenes and are used in a variety of different applications. My research has been focused on how polarizers in combination with liquid crystal panels can produce a variety of visual effects that can be useful in gathering information about a scene. The image above was taken with a polarizer and camera setup.

As part of my research, I created a novel way of estimating camera response functions using polarization imagery. However, it wasn’t better than existing method, but we hope that it can be improved with further exploration.

I started off the project building a polarization camera using a Raspberry Pi based off of David Prutchi’s design. I learned exactly how it works and redesigned some parts of the circuit so it could be used for our application. I tested the camera with some different lenses and a video detailing the camera is above.

We are currently working on try to submit a paper to ICCP based on these new polarization methods.

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